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Dec 2 '13

Wanna know true classic? Wanna talk iconic? Superman in space: that’s a classic. Superman orbiting the Earth wearing nothing else than the blue and red: that’s an icon.

Do you know who didn’t think so? Bruce Timm and Co. that’s who.

According to Timm & Team, Superman, for The Animated Series (1996) had to wear a space suit. Yes: freaking Superman had to wear a goddam space suit to go to outer space. No, not only when a chance of an encounter with kryptonite, but always. 

But then, Lobo doesn’t need one. Unlike wimpy Supes, Lobo could withstand the vacuum of space with his everyday clothes.

And not only that, during the series the Last Son of Krypton also needed a diving suit to go underwater like any non-powered person(but with his shield on the chest, of course)

I always hated what DC had done to Superman in his comic books during the 90s and the first decade of the 2K, but what Bruce Timm did to him in the Superman animation, and the best part of JL and JLU and subsequent animated movies can only be described as hate: Bruce W. Timm hates Superman, that’s the only plausible explanation why the Man of Steel, the most powerful superhero on Earth, constantly looks and acts as an idiot in every single animation with B.T. signature in it. His was the only incarnation of Superman ever to wear E.V.A. and diving suits. 

And some people (usually Bat-Fanboys) say that B.T. was the best thing that ever happen to DC animation.